Adding a Conditional Path

Setting up a conditional path
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When setting up a Flow, you will be presented with two options, to either add default paths or conditional paths.

A default path is always required in a Flow, and by default all the traffic will be distributed between all the available default paths, in case there isn't any conditional path.

A conditional path on the other hand is a special path that only allows visits that match a certain condition to go through it. For example, you can create a conditional path specifically for all the visits having "device type = Tablet" and so on.

In this article, we'll guide you through the process of setting up a conditional path.

  1. Begin by giving your conditional path a name.

  2. Move on to conditions. Here you can select from the list of pre-existing conditions or add new ones on the spot.

    Note: You can modify existing conditions.
  3. When adding a new condition, select one from the existing list, say Country. Choose if it "is" or "is not", and then which specific country is or is not allowed.

  4. Once done, press Apply. If for example, you chose "Country - Is not - United States", this path won't be receiving traffic from the United States.

  5. You can Reset the rule or add it to your list of conditions by clicking on Save Condition.

  6. Next create a path that will be receiving all the visits matching the conditions. To add a Path, start by naming it.

  7. Select the path's Path Destination and Transition to offer.

    There are 5 Path Destination options:

    - Landers & Offers
    - Offers only
    - Listicle
    - Advanced Flow
    - Branch

    Note: Listicle allows you to create a more layered path for your visitors, extending the standard campaign funnel by adding an additional step with a lander. A visitor will first see a pre-lander that has links to subsequent landers; each of them containing links to different offers.
  8. Based on the path destination you've chosen, add in other elements such as the path's landers and offers.

    Note: The traffic distribution is governed by a weight value. The proportion of weight values is reflected in a percentage of traffic distribution. This percentage always sums up to 100%.
    Note: All flows must contain a default path, and all default paths must contain at least 1 item.
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