Campaign's Path Destination to Offers Only

Creating a campaign whose path destination goes through offers only
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A campaign can direct a visitor to different paths and options to maximize its profits. When creating a new campaign you can choose between 5 options of where to direct your traffic. In this article, we'll look at how you can set up a campaign when redirecting traffic through offers only.

  1. To create a new campaign, from anywhere inside ClickFlare, click on the Campaigns tab on the left.

  2. Start by selecting the +New button on the top left of your screen.

  3. Begin by naming your new campaign, keep in mind to use a memorable name.

  4. Choose the Traffic Source for this campaign as well as its Cost Model.

  5. Proceed to selecting your campaign's path transition.

    Redirect Tracking is a classic tracking method, in which a visitor is redirected through ClickFlare's servers, by applying path-altering options, such as rule-based paths, weights, A/B testing or AI.

    Direct Tracking as the name suggests is a tracking method in which the visitor lands directly to a designated site, there is no redirection in the middle.

    Note: You can place a note on your campaign e.g. what its aims are.
  6. In the Destination tab, choose New Flow, and pick one of the 4 provided Redirect Modes.

  7. Select Add Path (the same process applies even when creating a path in Conditional Paths).

  8. For this article, we are deciding for our traffic to go through Offers only.

  9. This means that a visitor will go directly to an offer when clicking on an ad, or multiple offers, which you can easily add.

    Note: The traffic distribution is governed by a weight value. The proportion of weight values is reflected in a percentage of traffic distribution. This percentage always sums up to 100%.
  10. Important here, is to select as well your Transition to the offer.

  11. Once you are done, click on Save.

  12. You'll be redirected to your Campaigns' window, where you can see your newly created campaign join the list.

  13. You can Preview, Edit, Clone or Archive a campaign at any time.

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