Campaign Transition Modes

Glossary of Transition Modes
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Campaign Transition Modes determine how the traffic from a landing page to an offer is handled, as well as whether referrer data is passed through or not.

There are 4 Transition Modes you can choose from:

- 302

- Meta refresh

- Double meta refresh

- Direct

302 is the standard HTTP redirect mode. When this transition mode is selected, all the traffic originating from your ads goes first through ClickFlare, which after making all the necessary tracking about the visit, sends the visitor directly to your promoted offer. The referrer data is passed to the campaign endpoint.

Meta refresh is similar to a 302 mode, but with an extra step between ClickFlare and your campaign's destination. The extra step is basically a refresh used to hide or modify any referrer data so that the original referrer is not being passed along to the final destination. This is usually used when you need to hide referrer data from an affiliate network.

Double meta refresh (DMR) is Meta refresh performed twice in a row. This way, the first meta refresh step contains the original referrer you want to hide, but then when the visit goes through the second meta refresh step, the first meta refresh page becomes the actual referrer of the visit. Which is eventually the referrer that the Affiliate Network will see, instead of the original referrer.

Note: Due to this extra refresh, DMR is the most reliable redirect mode to ensure that the referrer data is not leaked to the owner of the offer, usually an affiliate network. It might be also the slowest one because of this double redirect.

Direct transition mode is useful when your Ad Network does not allow using campaign URLs that perform a redirect before going to the original destination. When Direct transition mode is selected, the visits do not go through ClickFlare but instead they go directly from the Ad Network to the landing page or the offer.

Note: When using Direct tracking you must make sure to include ClickFlare's tracking script in your landing page, otherwise the tracking of your visits will not be possible.
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