Adding an Integration

A step-by-step guide to adding integrations in ClickFlare
Written by ClickFlare
Updated 2 years ago

Integrations are a key component of ClickFlare's platform, they connect your account with a second party (e.g. Facebook) and assist both parties in exchanging valuable data between the two. Our list of supported integrations is an ever-expanding one, and if you don't see an integration you are looking for, contact our support; chances are we are working on adding it.

Integrations are easily found by entering the Settings Menu; located between Conversion Upload and Voluum Importer.

You'll be presented with the choice of adding four different types of integrations.

  • Conversion API Integrations (which includes the likes of Facebook and Google Ads)
  • Cost Tracking Integrations (Taboola, RevContent and ContentAd)
  • Affiliate Network Integrations (such as ClickBank)
  • and Revenue Stream Integrations (System1, Sedo, DomainActive and Tonic)

To begin the process of adding an integration to ClickFlare, simply press Add Integration

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