ClickFlare Update Policy

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At ClickFlare, we are dedicated to continuously improving our platform to enhance your user experience and minimize disruptions to your workflow. Our updates and new features undergo rigorous testing and verification before deployment to ensure seamless integration into our production environment.

Unlike many platforms, ClickFlare's robust infrastructure is built on Cloudflare, a leading cloud services provider known for its reliability and performance. Leveraging Cloudflare's advanced network architecture, ClickFlare ensures the highest level of security and accessibility for our users. With data centers strategically located worldwide, ClickFlare delivers real-time data accessibility from any location, empowering users to analyze, optimize, and monetize their campaigns effortlessly.

In the rare event of downtime at one of our data centers, ClickFlare automatically redirects traffic to the nearest available center, ensuring uninterrupted service and campaign performance.

Additionally, ClickFlare integrates with select third-party services chosen for their compatibility and quality. These services undergo regular updates to maintain peak performance and compatibility with ClickFlare's technology.

Below is a list of third-party solutions integrated with ClickFlare and how updates are managed:

Regular Updates:

  1. Digital Element: Provides accurate IP geolocation data for precise targeting.
  2. Udger: Offers detailed device information for improved user analysis.
  3. Wurfl: Detects mobile device parameters for enhanced tracking capabilities.
  4. GoGetSSL: Automates SSL certificate validation for secure connections.
Note: ClickFlare strives to implement updates seamlessly, but occasionally, changes from external services may impact our platform. In such cases, our team promptly notifies users via the platform's dashboard to ensure transparency and minimize disruptions to your operations.
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