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Optimizing Teamwork with ClickFlare: A Comprehensive Analysis of Collaboration Area Feature
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ClickFlare's "Collaboration Area" consists of three main features: Workspaces, Multi-User, and Shared Reports (coming soon). These features were meant to facilitate the cooperation between your team members and to ensure data privacy.

The diagram below shows the roles, and the hierarchy inside the ClickFlare's multiuser.

  • Workspaces

Workspaces are like organized spaces where you can manage your work easily. Think of them as different zones where you can sort your campaigns and make things less overwhelming.

There are two types of Workspaces: Private and Public. Private Workspaces are for specific campaign elements and can only connect with other elements in that workspace or the Public one. This helps you organize your campaigns based on categories like verticals.

if you create a campaign in a Private Workspace, you can only see and use elements from that workspace or the Public one. Now, if you use the Multi-User feature along with Workspaces, you can invite others to your account with different roles. They'll only see what's in their assigned Private Workspace and can work together on selected campaign elements in the Public Workspace.

So, Workspaces make it easier to organize and collaborate in ClickFlare by giving you clear areas for your work and controlling who can access specific elements.

Workspaces: Walkthrough

  • Multi-user

The Multi-User feature in ClickFlare is a functionality that enables account owners to invite other users to their ClickFlare account with different roles and sets of permissions. This feature serves to facilitate collaboration within a team or organization by allowing multiple users to work together on campaigns and data within the ClickFlare platform.

Note: Access to the Multi-User feature is restricted to specific pricing plans.

Multi-user: Walkthrough

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