Managing Cost and CAPI integrations in ClickFlare Workspaces

Optimize Your Campaigns with ClickFlare: A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Cost and CAPI Integrations in Workspaces
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Efficiently manage your cost and CAPI integrations in ClickFlare by associating them with specific Workspaces. Whether you want to restrict visibility to specific Workers or grant access to all associates in the Public Workspace, the process is seamless. This mirrors the approach taken for tracking domains, including both ClickFlare dedicated domains and custom domains.

Guidelines for Assigning Cost and CAPI Integrations to Workspaces

Here are the essential guidelines for assigning cost and CAPI integrations:

  1. An unassigned cost or CAPI integration belongs to the Public Workspace
  2. An integration assigned to one or more Private Workspaces is visible only to users in those Workspaces and can be utilized exclusively in campaigns from those Workspaces.
  3. Multiple integrations can be assigned to multiple Workspaces.
  4. Users can choose the integrations they have access to when configuring campaigns.

1. Adding Cost and CAPI Integrations to ClickFlare

First and foremost, you must add cost and CAPI integrations to ClickFlare. This task can be carried out by the Account Owner or Admins. For detailed instructions, refer to the relevant articles on Cost and CAPI integrations.

Note: During the process of adding an integration to ClickFlare, you can also assign it to a workspace.

You can assign an integration, be it cost or CAPI, when you create it. Of course, you can edit the integrations at any time and assign it to a different workspace-s.

2. Assigning a cost or CAPI integration to Workspaces

Once your integrations are added, follow these steps:

  1. In ClickFlare, click the setting's icon to access the Settings page.
  2. Navigate to the Integrations tab.
  3. Click the edit icon next to the desired integration.
  4. From the Workspace drop-down menu, select the workspace or workspaces the integration will be available.
  5. Click Save.

✅ Your cost and CAPI integrations are now successfully assigned to the designated Workspace.

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