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Configuring general settings
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Updated 2 years ago

In ClickFlare you can access the Settings Menu from anywhere on the system by clicking on the gear icon on the top right of your screen.

The first menu on the list is that of General Settings. Under it, the first thing that you can select is the Conversion registration time reporting. Here you'll find two options available:

  • Visit Timestamp, the time when a visitor went through your campaign's URL.

  • Postback Timestamp, the time when a conversion from a visitor that went through your campaign's URL was registered.

The next option to modify, is that of your Default report time zone. You can choose from a list of all timezones, matching the one of your current location.

You can select the default currency for the system from a list of all majorly used currencies.

Lastly, you can also shape your Campaign's Naming Template.

Once done, remember to Save your Settings.

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