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Fine-Tune User Engagement: Using ClickFlare Tag Manager's Timer Trigger for Interval-Based Event Tracking
Written by Ervis
Updated 4 months ago

ClickFlare Tag Manager's timer trigger allows you to send events to Tag Manager at timed intervals. Use this trigger to measure the amount of time a user spends on a page to complete a task (e.g. read an article, fill out a form, or complete a purchase.)

To create a new timer trigger:

  1. Click Triggers > New.
  2. Click Trigger Configuration and choose the Timer trigger type.
  3. Add an Interval in seconds. The trigger will fire at the specified interval (e.g. every 7 seconds.)
  4. Turn on Trigger Continuously to fire the event every time the interval is reached until the user leaves the page.
  5. In the "Enable this trigger when all of these conditions are true" section, specify a variable, operator, and value. This step will ensure that the trigger listener is enabled only when necessary, to help improve overall website performance.
  6. Save the trigger and publish the container.

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