Adding a New Tag in Tag Manager

A step by step guide on adding a tag
Written by ClickFlare Support
Updated 1 year ago

To add a new tag, you must first have an existing container, to learn how to create one, follow our guide here

Once you have created a container, the window to add a new tag will appear. 

  • Begin by pressing + New Tag.

  • Give your new tag a Name.
  • Select what type of tag it will be, say a custom image. 

  • Based on the option you have chosen, fill in the additional details.
  • Move on to choosing a trigger for this tag. If you have no existing triggers, select create new trigger, or follow our guide on how to add a trigger here.
  • Once done, click on Save.
  • From here on, you can see all your triggers and their details, as well as take actions such as editing, pausing/unpausing, duplicating or archiving any of your tags.
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