Adding a New Trigger in Tag Manager

A step by step guide on adding a trigger
Written by ClickFlare Support
Updated 1 year ago

Adding a new trigger in Tag Manager is quite simple, if you have an existing container, click it and from inside the container, select Triggers (in-between Tags and Variables.

Info: Additionally you can add a new trigger when adding a tag.
  • To begin, click on the + New Trigger button.

  • Give your trigger a Name.
  • Select what type of trigger it will be.  
Note: Based on the type of trigger you choose to create, some of them need a variable as well.
  • From here, decide if this trigger needs any conditions to be fired, if so continue by selecting a variable (if you have no existing variable go ahead and create one by following our guide here) and the additional specifics that will make it fire. 
  • Once done, click on Save.
  • From the Trigger's Menu, you can see all your triggers and their details and also edit or archive any of them.
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