Adding an Affiliate Network

A step-by-step guide to adding an affiliate network
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Updated 2 years ago
  1. Begin by selecting Affiliate Networks on the left side of your screen, right above Flows.

  2. Continue by clicking on the +New button. From here you can choose one of the many affiliate networks from our list or add a new affiliate network.

  3. As always, start by giving a name to your affiliate network.

  4. Write down your affiliate network's tracking parameters to have them automatically added to an offer URL and postback URL.

  5. At this point, you can choose to select a Tracking Domain and Tracking Method. Additionally, choose to include or not your additional parameters in the postback URL.

  6. From the list of currencies, select the one that will be applied to each offer assigned to this affiliate network.

    Note: Currency set in an offer element overrides currency set in an affiliate network element.
  7. Conclude the process by leaving a note related to your Affiliate Network or just click Save.

  8. Once you are done, you'll be presented with the list of all your Affiliate Networks; you edit, clone or archive them at any time.

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