Multiple Offers Landing Page Setup

A step-by-step guide to creating a multi-offer landing page
Written by ClickFlare
Updated 2 years ago

Creating a multi-offer landing page in ClickFlare is quite straightforward. From anywhere in the system, on the panel on the left, select Landers (you'll find it between Offers and Affiliate Networks).

  • Begin by pressing the New button, and continue with the process of adding a Lander. 

  • Give your Lander a name,
  • and paste its URL in the provided space. 
Note: Here you can add any of the provided tokens to your URL.
  • For your number of CTAs (Call-to-Actions), in this case, select 5, since we're redirecting a visitor to multiple different offers. 

  • Copy each of the provided Click URLs and insert them under the element that leads to their specific offer, these usually are a link or button. 
Note: Each link redirects to a designated offer. So link 1 to offer 1, link 2 to offer 2, and so on.
  • Once you are done with the process, select Save

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