An Overview of Logs
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Updated 1 year ago

On the menu on the left, where you can find menus such as Campaigns and Traffic Sources, on the bottom, right above Tag Manager and below Flows, you can find the Logs Menu.

Logs record everything, and I really mean everything. From the type of event that has occurred, the time when it was registered to the device from which that event was triggered. Giving you the possibility to always look back and see if you have missed something, logs sure haven't.

There are two types of logs ClickFlare records, Event Logs, such as the one explained above, so the click in one of your offers, and System Activity Logs, say when you created a lander and the specifics that follow it. 

You can further filter what you see in the Logs Menu (example below), by selecting a filtering option such as visits, clicks, conversions, or multiple campaigns and traffic sources.

Note: You can use campaigns and traffic sources as filters for your Event Logs. For your System Activity Logs, you can use the type of entity (e.g. offer, lander) and action type (e.g. when an element was created).

Tip: Moreover, you can easily select specific dates, to find certain logs.
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