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What is ClickFlare?

ClickFlare is a tracking tool that allows its users to track, analyze and optimize the performance of their campaigns. Giving them a deeper look and better understanding of which campaigns are making a profit and which are draining their funds, enabling users to make smarter decisions and in the process boost their ROI.

The system that you'll be using, can handle hundreds and hundreds of campaigns without breaking a sweat, being always reliable, fast and executing all operations at the same high-level performance. Thanks to its modern and elegant interface, ClickFlare has been designed not to just meet today's and tomorrow's demands, but also to be highly user-friendly and easy to use. 

Who was ClickFlare designed for?

ClickFlare is an ideal solution for Performance Marketers, Product Owners, Self-Serve Advertisers and Advertising Agencies, who want to keep an eye on the performance of their campaigns, create basic or complex flows easily, and be able to analyze their performance at any time and point in the visitor's journey.

A note on the system

Due to the sensitivity of the information that is passed and processed inside ClickFlare, we have made sure to design a highly secure system, protected by the latest and finest technologies in the market.

Its cloud-based design, allows users to access ClickFlare from any location and device at any time.

What's next?

ClickFlare is packed with features that are waiting to be discovered and used by you. To learn more about our platform, explore the rest of our Help Center, click here to create your first campaign, or contact our support staff for any questions you might have.

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