DomainActive Integration Guide

Adding DomainActive's Integration
Written by ClickFlare
Updated 3 months ago

To add a DomainActive integration to your ClickFlare account, begin by accessing the Integrations Menu, found in the Settings Menu (gear icon).

  • Under Revenue Stream Integrations, click Add Integration.

  • Give your new integration a name.
Note: Have your integrations' connection info ready before proceeding to connect it with ClickFlare.
  • Proceed to selecting DomainActive from the list of integration types.
  • Enter the API key.
  • Move on to choosing the custom conversion, you want to attribute the conversion event to.

    To learn how to add a custom conversion in ClickFlare, follow our article here.
  • Next, select the Click ID that is passing back the info to DomainActive. Make sure to specify the right ID.
  • Once done, click on Save and your Integration with DomainActive will have been completed. 
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