Transitioning to the ClickFlare Multi-user/Workspaces Feature

Optimize Your Workflow: A Complete Guide to ClickFlare Workspaces for Efficient Campaign Management
Written by Ervis
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The update to the Workspaces feature is a straightforward and risk-free process. All your data will remain intact.

The transition will be done automatically from ClickFlare, so you don't have to worry about anything.


This serves as your starting point. After activating the Workspaces feature, you will discover the Public Workspace, with all your previously created campaigns assigned to it. Other elements like offers, landers, flows, traffic sources, and affiliate networks will be assigned to the same workspace as well. Moving forward, every time you create a campaign element, you and other users will be prompted to assign it to a Workspace.

Now, you can efficiently organize work in ClickFlare for yourself and, with the Multi-User feature, for all users invited to your account:

  • Create new Workspaces with campaigns, offers, landers, flows, traffic sources, and affiliate networks.
  • Invite users with Admin or Worker roles.
  • Assign your Workers to specific Workspace(s) to limit their view.

Refer to the ClickFlare Workspaces: Public vs. Private article for more details.


After the release of the Multi-user/Workspaces feature, a new tab, Collaboration Area, will appear in the Settings view. In this tab, you can manage users and Workspaces.

  1. Sign in to ClickFlare.
  2. Click the setting icon, on the top right of your screen, to open the Settings view.
  3. Go to the Collaboration Area tab.
  • The Workspaces tab enables you to add new Private Workspaces, edit their names, and change user assignments.
  • The Users tab allows you to invite new users, alter their roles, and adjust workspace assignments.


Got questions? Find the answers below:

Will I Retain Access to My Data and Previous Stats in ClickFlare?

Absolutely. The update process maintains all your data intact, restructuring it to offer improved organizational capabilities. While Workers may have limited access to stats, you can elevate their role to Admin for unrestricted access anytime.

Can I Reassign Workers to Different Workspaces in ClickFlare?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to freely move Workers between Workspaces. Note that a Worker must always be assigned to at least one Workspace.

If I choose to downgrade my pricing plan while utilizing the Workspaces feature in my account, what implications will it have on the Workers I have invited?

If you decide to downgrade your pricing plan with the Workspaces feature active, the available number of Workers is reduced. The downgrade takes effect at the end of your current billing cycle. It is your responsibility to remove excess Workers by the end of the billing cycle. Failure to do so will result in ClickFlare automatically removing the surplus Workers, starting with the most recently added. Any pending user invitations will be removed first.

Immediate information about the Worker removal process is provided upon downgrade.

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