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Configuring tracking domains
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Recording visits and conversions stands at the core of what ClickFlare does. To enable these processes, a domain is required to create all the links needed to set up a campaign funnel: click URL, postback URL, campaign URL, and tracking pixel URLs.

Inside ClickFlare you can find Domains in the Settings Menu, on the right of General Settings. You can access the Settings Menu from anywhere in the system by clicking the gear icon on the top right.

Main Domain

A Main Domain is used as a domain when generating a campaign URL, click URL, and tracking pixel URLs. It is the heart that supports all those URLs when they need to be set up. You choose your Dedicated Domain or a custom one to be your Main Domain. Once chosen, the domain name will be automatically set up in all links: campaign URL, click URL, postback URL, and tracking pixel URLs.

Dedicated Domain

A Dedicated Domain is a unique domain automatically assigned to your account by ClickFlare.

Note: The default domain coming with your account may be shared with other ClickFlare users.

Custom Domains

A Custom Domain allows you to track traffic only from your campaigns, no matter of other users' activities. You can add a Custom Domain to your campaign URL, click URL, and tracking pixel URL, per campaign(s), with a domain of your choice to further customize them.

Important note: When running a live ad campaign, we highly recommend using a Custom Domain.
Note: You can check our guides on how to connect to a Domain Provider here

Visible Domain After Redirect

If you are using the Double meta refresh option in your campaigns, a Visible Domain After Redirect is the domain that will appear on a user's address bar after they have been redirected to a domain. The Double meta refresh option allows you to load a page's head twice, hiding a referrer’s data while redirecting a visitor to your offer.

Important note: We highly recommend using a custom domain here, instead of the default one.

Visible Page On Invalid Visit

An invalid visit is a visit to one of your tracking URLs without a campaign id. For example, if someone tries to visit:, by default a 404 not found page will be displayed. However, if you want to display valid content instead of a 404 page (say your affiliate network), you can specify a different URL where the visitors will be redirected to.

To do this, simply add the URL and click Save.

Hint: If you don't want to let any untargeted visit go wasted, simply create a fallback campaign to track all untargeted visits to send your visitors to.
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