About the Data Layer

Learn how to harness the power of data layers to streamline tag management and optimize tracking with ClickFlare Tag Manager
Written by Ervis
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ClickFlare Tag Manager functions best when deployed alongside a data layer. A data layer is a JavaScript object that is used to pass information from your website to your ClickFlare Tag Manager container. You can then use that information to populate variables and activate triggers in your tag configurations.

Rather than referencing variables, transaction information, page categories, and other important signals scattered throughout your page, ClickFlare Tag Manager is designed to easily reference information that you include in your data layer source code. Implementation of a data layer with variables and associated values ensures that they will be available as soon as you need them to fire tags.

When you set up your website or mobile app to work with ClickFlare Tag Manager and a data layer, think about what categories of information the data layer should handle, such as:

  • Product data: Product name, price, category
  • Marketing campaign information: Traffic source, medium
  • Transaction data: Cart value, checkout date
  • Customer information: New or returning customer

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