User-defined variables

Unlock the Power of Custom User-Defined Variables to Enhance Tracking and Analytics in ClickFlare Tag Manager
Written by Ervis
Updated 4 months ago

You can create custom user-defined variables in ClickFlare Tag Manager to address specific needs.

To create a new user-defined variable:

  1. Navigate to Tag Manager in the left-hand menu.
  2. Access the container for which you intend to create a variable.
  3. Proceed to the [x] Variables Tab
  4. Click on + New Variable.
  5. Choose the desired variable type from Variable Configuration.
    Refer to the list of variable types for more information.
  6. Fill in the options for the chosen variable type.
  7. Assign a descriptive name to the variable, such as "Form Field Variable - Name".
  8. Save your changes.

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