How to Dynamically Pass Traffic Source Tracking Info to The Offer

Written by ClickFlare
Updated 2 years ago

To pass data to and from ClickFlare, HTTP(S) requests are used. An HTTP(S) request look like:


  • http(s) is the type of protocol that is being used. It can either be secure one (HTTPS) or a non-secure one (HTTP).

  • random_site.hello is the domain name of a target platform. ClickFlare assigns its users a Dedicated Domain, which appears in campaign URL link.

  • directory is an optional entry that points to a specific resource.

  • name: the name of a parameter that identifies a passed value. 

Note: The parameter has to be recognized by the target platform. If the request being made will be received by an affiliate network, it will have to use that affiliate network's specific designated parameters. 
  • {token} is a placeholder for a dynamically generated value, such as a click id, country name, device type and so on. When a request is sent, a token is replaced by a value, so a name={token} pair might look like: devicetype= laptop

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