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Tracking Organic Traffic
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Through direct tracking, tracking organic traffic is now easier than ever. By adding a lander's tracking script that contains your campaign ID to your lander, you can track visits that come from web pages and search engines and at the same time avoid tracking those that do not come from a direct tracking URL.

In the guide below, we'll show how you can track traffic that comes only from organic sources in ClickFlare. 
Note: If you wish to track traffic that comes from other sources, be it paid redirect or direct, you'll have to create another campaign. Visit our help center to learn all about campaigns in ClickFlare.
  • Behind the Scenes

Before we actually create a campaign, let's see how direct tracking works. 

It all starts with the campaign ID being passed to a direct tracking script through the cpid parameter when a visitor activates a direct tracking URL. The script is able to make the correct request to ClickFlare.

This does not apply to visitors who randomly find your landing page without activating the direct tracking URL. To track these visitors as well, you'll have to use a direct tracking script that already has a campaign ID implemented. ClickFlare can do that for you. 

  • Paid Traffic Campaigns (Optional)

If you wish to track paid traffic as well, while tracking organic traffic, simply create an additional campaign with either tracking method. In addition, we recommend creating a different traffic source for each campaign; organic and paid traffic ones. 

Make sure to name the two in a way that you can easily tell them apart. 

When creating a campaign with a direct method, do not implement a direct tracking script on the landing page, it has to be updated with the campaign ID of an organic campaign (see below). Ending up with the paid traffic source and paid campaign created.

  • Let's Begin!

Creating an organic campaign and getting the tracking script, it's an effortless procedure that can be done in just a few clicks. For all the little details, check our step-by-step guide.

Once you have created a campaign, ClickFlare will generate a direct tracking script that contains the campaign ID.

Copy the tracking script you see in the Tracking Sub-Menu at the end of the campaign creation procedure. 

  • Adding the Script

To add the script to your landing page, go to your landing page and paste the script at the bottom of the <body> section of your lander.

From now on, all organic visits to this lander will be registered and displayed in ClickFlare. 

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