Adding NewsBreak's Cost Integration
Written by Sara Bregasi
Updated 2 weeks ago

ClickFlare's direct API integration with NewsBreak enables you to track cost on all campaign levels without having to leave ClickFlare. 

With this integration, you will get automatic cost updates every 30 minutes, ensuring you always have the most accurate data to optimize your campaigns with. 

What you'll need for the integration: 

  • An active NewsBreak account 
  • An active ClickFlare account 
  • Access token (API key) from NewsBreak 

The API key can be usually found in your NewsBreak account Settings. If you cannot find it, you can contact your account manager or representative from NewsBreak to provide this for you. 

Once you have copied the API key from NewsBreak, you can start the integration process: 

  1. Click on the Settings icon on your ClickFlare dashboard. 
  2. On the left side menu, select Integrations
  3. Under Cost Tracking Integrations, click on Add Integration. 

  4. Choose NewsBreak from the list of available cost integrations. 

  5. Now, it's time to fill in the integration details. First, select which Workspace this integration belongs to (public, where everyone can access it, or a private workspace). 
  6. Next, name the integration. Select a name you will easily recognize later. 
  7. Paste the API Key you copied at the start of the process. 
  8. Select the integration timezone. The timezone should match the one on your NewsBreak account. 

  9. Optional: Select the traffic sources you want to assign this integration to. If you want to learn more about how to add NewsBreak as a traffic source, read our step-by-step guide

Important Note: Although you created the Cost Integration for NewsBreak, you still need to add it as a traffic source as well. The Cost Integration will only pull costs, while creating a traffic source is necessary in order to fully track your campaigns on ClickFlare. 

Congratulations, you have just automated your cost updates from NewsBreak to ClickFlare

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