Creating a Traffic Source

A step-by-step guide to creating a new traffic source
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For a tracker such as ClickFlare, traffic sources are its lifeblood. To run any campaign you'll need a continuous stream of traffic; visitors that convert and generate revenues. The traffic can come from different sources, and a tool such as ClickFlare enables you to control, monitor and modify the traffic that you receive, optimizing it for higher returns.

  1. To add a traffic source, begin by selecting Traffic Sources on the left side of the screen.

  2. Start by clicking on the +New button. From here you can choose one of the many traffic sources from our list or add a new traffic source.

  3. Continue by naming your traffic source and choosing its Cost Currency. For future easability, we recommend using a name that helps you recognize any given traffic source from another, as for your cost currency, it will be the currency in which ClickFlare will record its information for this particular source (the Default option is USD).

  4. Time to choose your parameters. In simple terms, they allow you to select what kind of data from your traffic source comes in and what doesn't; being the basis for optimization and audience targeting.

    Note: It is highly recommended to have your traffic source's documentation ready at hand when creating your parameters.
  5. You can add additional paraments, by clicking on Add Parameter. Activate or deactivate them at will, or simply delete them.

  6. In the Passing conversions to a traffic source section you can select between three methods of reporting conversions:

    - Traffic source postback URL
    - Traffic source postback URL for Custom Conversion
    - Pixel redirect URL

    These options determine the way how you are going to pass information about conversions back to the traffic source. Enable the toggle to use either method.

    Note: Only some options are supported by your traffic source platform.
  7. Additionally, you can assign to your traffic source different integrations.

  8. Once you are done, click on Save.

  9. You'll be redirected to your Traffic Sources window, where you can see your newly created traffic source join the list.

  10. You can Edit, Clone or simply Archive a traffic source at any time.

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