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Unlocking ClickFlare Tag Manager's Potential: A Guide to Configuring Click Triggers for Enhanced Tag Firing
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Use ClickFlare Tag Manager's click trigger to fire tags based on click events. When an element is clicked on a page that matches the trigger conditions, Tag Manager will automatically fire the related tag

To configure a click trigger:

  1. Click Triggers > New.
  2. Click Trigger Configuration and choose a click trigger type:

    All Elements: Track clicks on any element on a page, e.g. links, images, buttons, etc.

    Just Links: Track clicks only on HTML links that use the <a> element, e.g. <a href=""></a>.
  3. Optional, but recommended for improved performance: Specify conditions (usually a URL pattern) for pages where you expect a click to occur:

    Under the heading "This trigger fires on", select "Conditions".

    Under "Fire this trigger when an Event occurs and all of these conditions are true", add a filter to enable this trigger only on pages that require it, e.g. Click URL contains /path/to/promo.

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