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Unlocking Collaboration: A Comprehensive Guide to ClickFlare's Multi-User Feature
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The Multi-User functionality in ClickFlare empowers the Account Owner to invite additional users to work collaboratively on the same ClickFlare account. Each user takes on one of three distinct roles:

Account Owner
: This user initially registered the ClickFlare account and possesses all available permissions.

Admin Role
: Users with Admin roles share most of the permissions with the Account Owner, excluding access to payment details and the ability to invite other Admins. Admins play a key role in workload management and distribution among Workers.

Worker Role
: Users designated as Workers have privileges confined solely to the Private Workspace assigned to them by the Account Owner or Admin.

Read-only User
: Users with read-only access lack editing privileges but can view statistics and entities within their assigned Private Workspace.

Feature Availability and Pricing
It's essential to note that the availability of this feature may vary across pricing plans. To confirm the features included in your pricing plan, navigate to ClickFlare Settings and check the Plan Specification tab. If needed, consider upgrading your pricing plan to unlock additional features or higher usage caps.


Got questions? Find the answers below:

How does ClickFlare handle the removal of Worker accounts when I downgrade?

Accounts exceeding the limits of your downgraded pricing plan will be removed, starting from pending invitations and progressing to the most recently added.

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