How to Add a Traffic Source from template

Step-by-step guide for adding traffic sources in ClickFlare
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Using Templates

ClickFlare offers pre-configured templates for traffic sources, making setup straightforward. These templates come with default settings already configured, which you can adjust as needed.

Creating a Traffic Source from a Template

  1. Navigate to Traffic Sources: Access the Traffic Sources section in ClickFlare.

  2. Create a New Traffic Source: Click the + New button to initiate the process.

  3. Choose a Template: Select the template you want to use from the available options.

  4. Assign Workspace (Optional): Select the Workspace from the drop-down menu that this traffic source will be assigned to. If no Workspace is selected, the offer will be assigned to the Public workspace by default.

    To learn more, read the ClickFlare Workspaces: Outline.
    • Provide Traffic Source Details: Enter a unique name in the Traffic Source Name field.

    • Select Cost Currency:

      ●   Select the cost currency from the Currency drop-down menu. Make sure the selected currency aligns with the cost currency used in your ad accounts on the traffic source platform. For instance, if your ad payments are in euros, select EUR. Any currency different from your account's default reporting currency will be automatically converted. You can adjust the default reporting currency in the general settings.

      The default currency is USD. Read the Multicurrency in ClickFlare article to learn more.
    • Passing Conversions to a Traffic Source (Optional):

      In the Passing Conversions to a Traffic Source section, you can choose between two methods of reporting conversions:

      ●   Traffic Source Postback URL
      ●   Conversion API Integration (available for supported traffic sources only)

      Toggle the switch to enable the traffic source postback or select the CAPI integration from the Conversion API Integrations menu.

      Note: The selected Conversion API integration will be applied to campaigns associated with this traffic source. Ensure to configure the desired integration on the campaign level for accurate reporting.
    • Notes (Optional): Add notes with important information.
    • Save: Click the Save button to add the Traffic Source to ClickFlare.

    Want to add a custom traffic source?

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